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Welcome to TIMBOLAND.NET, an oral history!

We are two Baby Boomers--Tim and Terry McGovern from Pittsburgh, Pa. We emigrated westward back in the seventies and have made the San Francisco Bay Area our home ever since.

Now, in semi-retirement (is anyone really able to fully retire anymore?), we're having a great time renewing our relationship by producing a weekly podcast.


What's the content? We've chosen to visit the Baby Boomers' years, since that's what we are. Baby Boomers. And you are, too, if you were born somewhere  between 1946 and 1964. It's one of the most fascinating times in American history. We look at each year and present you with an audio almanac of those times, sprinkled with our own recollections.  Timbo and Terry are dealing with the same life- changing issues that you are-- the rapid-pace events going on around us, the lives of our kids, and the ever-evolving condition of our health. So, join us as we take a look at what we were and how it affects who we are today.

We talk about all of it with some wonderful people we've met along our journey. And we try to do it with humor and taste. Well, we're not always perfect on the taste issue, but we try. Join us!

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