Before You Begin - Get Checked Out!!

If we can say anything about Boomers, we can certainly say that we are the healthiest and most fit generation in our nation's history. But we must also admit that some of us have somehow, without our notice, outgrown last year's jeans; and, for certain, our football pants and cheerleader's skirts. Not to worry! The most wonderful news for us Boomers is the fact that increasing evidence shows that being physically fit is linked to lowered risks of health problems and an improved ability to engage in daily tasks with the accompanying energy required to do so.

So, if that makes you want to get up off your couch and start exercising, great!! However, make absolutely certain that the very FIRST STEP you take when you embark on an exercise program is that of having a thorough health assessment by a health professional before you begin. They will help determine if you have any health risk factors; and, based on the presence or absence of any risk factors, they will inform you regarding your readiness for both fitness evaluations and an exercise program. Based on your assessment, they will also help you, or your personal trainer if you choose to hire one, to establish an appropriate intensity level for your new exercise program.


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